Pelletier, Cathie (1953 - )

Genre: General Fiction

Now living mostly in Lawrenceburg, TN, this Allagash native hasn't lived in Maine year-round in over 20 years, although she has taught writing at University of Maine-Farmington and she received her B.A. from the University of Maine.

Pelletier is the author of bleak yet funny novels that are usually set in northern Maine. She also writes under the pen name of K. C. McKinnon.

She is also the founder of Nashville Books, a small publishing company in her adopted hometown of Brentwood TN (where she lived until 2002); Nashville Books publishes non-fiction books about country music and country music stars.

Selected Bibliography

Books by Cathie Pelletier

  • The Funeral Makers (1986)
  • Once Upon A Time Upon the Banks (1989)
  • The Weight of Winter (1991)
  • The Bubble Reputation (1993)
  • A Marriage Made at Woodstock (1994)
  • Beaming Sonny Home (1996)
  • The Christmas Note (1997)
  • Running the Bulls (2005)
  • Christmas in Allagash: The Early Years (2009)
  • "A" Is For Allagash: A Lumberjack's Life (2010) with Louis Pelletier
  • The One-Way Bridge: A Novel (2013)

Books by K. C. McKinnon

  • Dancing at the Harvest Moon (1997)
  • Candles on Bay Street (1999)