St. Jarre, Kevin (1968 - )

Genre: General Fiction, Mystery, Short Stories

Maine native Kevin St. Jarre, born July 26, 1968, was raised in Madawaska and now teaches social studies at Fort Kent Community High School. He worked in U.S. Army intelligence for six years, serving in Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. He presents workshops at education forums and on topics such as leadership, learning communities, data collection, standards and rubrics, time and resource management.

St. Jarre is a novelist, poet, short story writer, and author of works of narrative non-fiction. Under the pen name Michael Hawke, he has written a three-book series of military thrillers whose milieu is the war on terror.

Selected Bibliography

Night Stalkers trilogy

  • Night Stalkers (2005)
  • Night Stalkers: Coercion (2005)
  • Night Stalkers: Homefront (2006)

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