Roberts, Kenneth (1885 - 1957)

Genre: General Fiction, Non-Fiction

Roberts was born in Kennebunk's Storer Mansion and in 1938 built a home called Rocky Pastures in Kennebunkport. He graduated from Cornell University in 1908, served in World War I, and was a correspondent for the Saturday Evening Post until he quit in 1928 to write his many historical novels, his books of essays and other non-fiction, most set in New England.

He won a Pulitzer Prize Special Citation in 1957 for "his historical novels which have long contributed to the creation of greater interest in our early American history."

Selected Bibliography

  • Europe's Morning After (1921)
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  • Lively Lady: A Chronicle of Arundel, of Privateering, and of the Circular Prison on Dartmoor (1931)
  • Rabble in Arms: A Chronicle of Arundel and the Burgoyne Invasion (1933)
  • Captain Caution: A Chronicle of Arundel (1934)
  • For Authors Only, and Other Gloomy Essays (1935)
  • Northwest Passage (1936)
  • March to Quebec: Journals of the Members of Arnold's expedition (1938)
  • Oliver Wiswell (1940)
  • The Kenneth Roberts Reader (1945)
  • Lydia Bailey (1947)
  • I Wanted to Write (1949)
  • Henry Goss and His Dowsing Rod (1951)
  • Boon Island (1955/1996)
  • The Battle of Cowpens: The Great Morale Builder (1957)

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