Rielly, Edward (1943 - )

Genre: Non-Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories

Born in Wisconsin, Rielly earned a B.A. from Loras College (Dubuque, IA) in 1968 and a masters and Ph.D. (1974) in English from the Univ. of Notre Dame. He first taught in an elementary school, then a high school, and then at Ambrose College (Davenport, IA).

He moved to Maine in 1978 and lives in Westbrook; he is a professor of English at St. Joseph's College in Standish.

His works include many articles, book reviews, and short stories, as well as poetry, a literature text, and a baseball dictionary.

Selected Bibliography

  • Rain Falling Quietly (1985)
  • Family Portrait (1987)
  • The Furrow's Edge (1987)
  • The Breaking of Glass Horse and other poems (1988)
  • Approaches to Teaching Swift's Gulliver's Travels (1988)
  • My Struggling Soil (1994)
  • Anniversary Haiku (1997)
  • How the Sky Holds the Sun (1998)
  • Baseball: A Dictionary of Popular Culture (2000)
  • cite>Abandoned Farmhouse and Other Haiku (2000)
  • The 1960s (Dec. 2002)
  • Baseball and American Culture: Across the Diamond (2003)
  • A Fine, Safe Journey: Poems About Haying And Other Matters (2003)
  • Ways of Looking: Poems of the Farm (2005)
  • Sitting Bull: a Biography (2007)

Selected Links

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