Testa, Maria (1964 - )

Genre: Children's Literature, Poetry, Young Adult

Maria Testa is a Rhode Island native (born 4 April 1964), who lives in Portland, Maine. She also lived in Dublin, Ireland, for a bit.

She studied sociology at Brown University and specialized in family law at Yale University Law School, graduating in 1989.

Her target audience usually is pre-teen boys; her books usually have male protagonists and explore gritty issues like homelessness and parents in prison. In 2002, she started a trilogy of books that explore her father's life.

Selected Bibliography

  • 'Thumbs Up, Rico!' (1994)
  • Dancing Pink Flamingos and Other Stories (1995)
  • Nine Candles (1996)
  • Someplace to Go (1996)
  • Some Kind of Pride (2001)
  • Becoming Joe DiMaggio (2002) Lupine Award
  • Almost Forever (2003)
  • Something About America (2005)

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