Lee, Sharon (1952 - )

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy, Short Stories


Sharon Lee was born in Baltimore, attended Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County, and rose to the pinnacle of her professional career as administrative aide to the Dean of the School of Social Work at Univ. of Maryland's Baltimore City campus. She quit that job to open a bookstore, Book Castle, in 1978 and when that failed, went on to deliver tractor trailers, sell cider at the farmer's market, and work as an advertising copywriter. Lee and her husband Steve Miller are the co-authors of the Liaden Universe books, a romantic space opera.

Selected Bibliography

Liaden Universe

  • Agent of Change, (1988)
  • Conflict of Honors, (1988)
  • Carpe Diem, (1989)
  • Plan B
  • Local Custom
  • Scout's Progress
  • I Dare, (2002)
  • Crystal Soldier, 2005
  • Crystal Dragon , (2006)
  • Balance of Trade (2004) Won the Hal Clement Award for Best Young Adult Science Fiction Novel of 2004
  • Ghost Ship (2012)
  • Dragon Ship (2012)

Gem ser Edreth Adventures Series

  • The Tomorrow Log, (2003)

Short Stories

  • "Candlelight" (co-written with Miller) in 1995
  • "The Big Ice,", (1999)
  • "Passionato", (1999), a vampire story

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