MacDonald, Amy (1951 - )

Genre: Children's Literature, Non-Fiction

Amy MacDonald was born and grew up in Beverly, Mass. and vacationed on Mt. Desert Island as a child. She graduated from the Univ. of Pennsylvania in 1973. Since 1988 she has lived in Falmouth, Maine with her husband, and sons. Besides being a writer of children's books, MacDonald has also been an editor, a journalist, a consultant in the U.S., France, and Great Britain, and a theatre company publications director. In addition to the books below, MacDonald has written a children's musical, Stop That Noise! She regularly teaches writing classes to kids in K-6 grades and has served as co-president of the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance board of trustees.

Selected Bibliography

Books for Children

  • Little Beaver and the Echo, (1990/1997/1998/1999)
  • Rachel Fister's Blister, (1990/1993/1996/1999)
  • Let's Play, (1992)
  • Let's Try, (1992)
  • Let's Make a Noise, (1992)
  • Let's Do It, (1992)
  • Let's Go, (1993)
  • Let's Pretend, (1993)
  • Cousin Ruth's Toothm (1996)
  • The Spider Who Created the World, (1996)
  • No More Nice, (1996/1998/1999)
  • No More Nasty, (2001)
  • Please, Malese: A Trickster Tale from Haiti, (2001)
  • Quentin Fenton Herter III, (2002)

Books for Adults

  • The Very Young Housewife, (1979)
  • The Presumpscot River Watch Guide to the Presumpscot River: Its History, Ecology, and Recreational Uses, (1994).

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