Kimber, Robert ( - )

Genre: Non-Fiction

Writer/environmentalist Robert Kimber lives in Temple, Maine. His essay, "No Night Life" was published in The Quotable Moose (1994). He is also one of three editors of On Wilderness: Voices from Maine (2003). His essays/articles have appeared in Field and Stream, Down East and Country Journal.

Kimber and his wife Ruth have translated numerous books from German into English. During the 1980s and 1990s they were the translators for many Barron's Educational Series pet and pet care books.

Kimber is an advocate for Maine's natural and wild lands. He is actively involved in the Western Maine Audubon Society and the Tumbledown Conservation Alliance. He is on the citizen advisory committee for The Northern Forest Lands Council and is on the national advisory committee for Americans for a Maine Woods National Park. His Nov. 2005 op-ed on the Plum Creek development planned for the Moosehead Lake region of Maine are available on the Natural Resource Council of Maine's website. Kimber was one of the recipients of the Natural Resources Council's 2003 Environmental Award.

Selected Bibliography

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  • Made for the Country (1991)
  • A Canoeist's Sketchbook (1991)
  • Living Wild and Domestic: The Education of a Hunter-Gardener (2002)

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