Kenney, Susan (1941 - )

Genre: General Fiction, Mystery

Susan Kenney was born in Summit, NJ, in 1941, received a BA from Northwestern University in 1963, and an MA and a PhD from Cornell in 1964 and 1968 respectively. She's taught at Colby College since 1968, becoming a full professor of English in 1986 and director of the creative writing program in 1991. She writes two kinds of books, academic mysteries featuring professor/sleuth Roz Howard, and a continuing saga of the Boyd family, laced with issues of illness and mortality.

Selected Bibliography

Roz Howard mysteries are

  • Garden of Malice (1983)
  • Graves in Academe (1985)
  • One Fell Sloop (1990).

Boyd Family novels

  • In Another Country: A Novel (1984)
  • Sailing (1987/88)

Selected Resources

  • Great Women Mystery Writers (1994; ed. Kathleen G. Klein)

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