Preston, Douglas (1956 - )

Genre: General Fiction, Mystery, Non-Fiction, Science Fiction/Fantasy

Doug Preston lives in Round Pond, Maine. He was born in Cambridge, Mass., raised in Wellesley, attended the Cambridge School of Weston, and graduated with honors from Pomona College (Claremont, CA), in 1978, with a degree in English literature. He's worked as manager of publications for the American Museum of Natural History in New York City; as writing instructor at Princeton University; as managing editor for the journal Curator; as a columnist for Natural History magazine; and as archaeology correspondent for the New Yorker.

He started writing full-time in 1986, moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, from the east coast. In the early 2000s, he spent a lot of time in Florence, Italy, before moving back to family property in Maine.

Preston's books are both non-fiction and fiction titles, including thrillers that incorporate science and history arcana co-written with collaborator Lincoln Child.

Selected Bibliography


  • Dinosaurs in the Attic, (1986)
  • Cities of Gold: A Journey Across the American Southwest, (1992)
  • Talking to the Ground: One Family's Journey on Horseback Across the Sacred Land of the Navajo, (1995)
  • The Royal Road: El Camino Real from Mexico City to Santa Fe, (1998)
  • Ribbons of Time: The Dalquest Research Site, (2006)
  • Dolci Colline di Sangue, (2006)with crime journalist Mario Spezi
  • The Monster of Florence: A True Story (2008).

Thrillers co-written with Lincoln Child

  • Relic, (1995)
  • Mount Dragon, (1996)
  • Riptide, (1998)
  • Thunderhead, (1999)
  • The Ice Limit, (2000)
  • The Cabinet of Curiosities, (2002)
  • Still Life with Crows, (2003)
  • Brimstone, (2004)
  • Dance of Death, (2005)
  • The Book of the Dead, (2006)
  • The Wheel of Darkness, (2007)
  • Cemetery Dance, (2009)
  • Gideon's Corpse (2012)
  • Two Graves (2012)

Other Fiction

  • Jennie, (1994)
  • The Codex, (2003)
  • Tyrannosaur Canyon (2005)
  • Blasphemy, (2009)

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