Gray, T. M. (1963 - )

Genre: Horror

T.M. Gray was born on November 23, 1963, in Bar Harbor, Maine. She lives in the small fishing village of Birch Harbor(Gouldsboro), is married, and has two children. Gray has been fascinated by scary tales since grade school. She has written several novels and numerous short stories and often uses the Maine coast as a setting.

Selected Bibliography

  • Feast of Faust (2003), a collection of 45 horror stories
  • Mr. Crisper (2004)
  • The Ravenous (2004)
  • Ghosts of Eden (2005), a young woman returns to her childhood home of Bar Harbor after spending several years in a mental hospital
  • Ghosts of Maine (2008), a ghost hunter's guide to Maine, organized by county
  • New England Graveside Tales (2010)