Grant, Richard (1952 - )

Genre: General Fiction, Science Fiction/Fantasy

Grant was born in Norfolk, Va., attended the University of Virginia, and served in the Coast Guard. While best known as a writer of fantasy/science fiction, he is also a contributor to Down East magazine. He received a New England Journalism Award for Village Voice, a column in The Camden Herald. Grant has two children with writer Elizabeth Hand. He is a faculty member of the Watershed School in Rockland and lives in Rockport.

Selected Bibliography

  • Saraband of Lost Time(1985)
  • Rumors of Spring(1987
  • Views from the Oldest House(1989)
  • Through the Heart(1991)
  • Tex and Molly in the Afterlife (1996, fictitious Maine setting)
  • In the Land of Winter(1997)
  • Kaspian Lost(1999/2001)
  • At the shore: a Maine coastal garden(2005)
  • Another Green World(2006)