Foster, Elizabeth (1905 - 1963)

Genre: Children's Literature, General Fiction, Young Adult

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Elizabeth Foster was the daughter of writer and playwright Maximilian Foster. She was educated at Miss Porter's School, Art Students League of America, and Columbia University. She was a freelance writer who published novels and short stories. Her stories were published in Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Home and Garden, and Trout and Stream.

Foster is buried in the family plot in Evergreen Cemetery, Rangeley.

Selected Resources

  • The Islanders (1946), in which she wrote about her maternal grandfather, Frederick Stoever Dickson, and the multi-generational family experiences at the summer place he built on a Rangely Lake island.
  • Singing Beach (1941)
  • Dirigo Point (1943)
  • The House at Noddy Cove (1947; juvenile).
  • The Days Between (1942)
  • Gigi, The Story of a Merry-Go-Round Horse (1943/1984; juvenile)
  • Gigi in America (1945/1984; juvenile), set in Old Orchard Beach
  • Children of the Mist (1961), biographical fiction about Lady Elizabeth Foster (1758-1824) and her relationship with the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.