Dutton, Sandra ( - )

Genre: Children's Literature

Children's book writer, poet, and essayist Sandra Dutton was born in Springfield, Missouri, grew up in Norwood, Ohio, and moved to Boothbay Harbor after many years as a summer visitor. Her sea captain ancestors settled in Bath in the 1840s. Dutton has a Master's in Creative Writing and a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition; she taught writing and literature at the University of Louisville and the New York Institute of Technology. While living in Louisville in the 1980s, she founded, published, and edited The River City Review.

Selected Bibliogrpahy

  • The Magic of Myrna C. Waxweather (1987)
  • The Cinnamon Hen's Autumn Day (1988)
  • Tales of Belva Jean Copenhagen (1989)
  • Just a Matter of Time (2000; a book and a musical)
  • Capp Street Carnival (2003)
  • Dear Miss Perfect: A Beast's Guide to Proper Behavior (2007)
  • Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth (2010)

Selected Resources