DiPhilippo, Kathryn (1968 - )

Genre: Non-Fiction

South Portlander Kathy DiPhilippo, a Maine resident since she was three months old, was born in Lynn, Massachusetts. She is a 1986 graduate of South Portland High School and a 1990 graduate of the University of New Hampshire with a degree in hotel administration. She was previously employed as Vice President of Credit Services for a food industry credit reporting agency, as a bank commercial loan underwriter, and as the credit manager for a major seafood importer located in New York. She is the historian for the South Portland Historical Societyand writes a weekly column, A Window on the Past, for The South Portland Sentry.

Selected Bibliography

  • South Portland: A Nostalgic Look At Our Neighborhood Stores, is a unique local history publication. It's the story of the city's 20th-century neighborhoods by means of a street-by-street history of retail businesses as seen through historic photographs, resident remembrances, and in-depth research.

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