Williamson, Joanne (1925 - 2002)

Genre: Young Adult

Joanne S. Williamson was born in Arlington, Virginia. She was a student Barnard College from 1942-1944 and then attended the Diller Quaile School of Music from 1944-1946.

Before moving to Kennebunkport in 1956, she was employed as a writer and editor for several newspapers and magazines in New York City and Connecticut.

In 1956, her first first novel was published; it was the first of Williamson's eight young adult historical novels.

In addition to her writing, Williamson also taught piano from 1956 until her retirement in 1990.

Selected Bibliography

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  • Hittite Warrior (1960)
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  • The Iron Charm (1964)
  • And Forever Free (1966)
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  • God King (2002)