Deans, Sis (1955 - )

Genre: Children's Literature, Young Adult

Sis Deans was born on Nov. 4 1955 in Portland, Maine, and raised there. She lives now on a farm in Gorham with her husband and three daughters. She has an associates degree from the University of Maine at Orono (1976) and graduated from the Maine Medical Center School of Surgical Technology in 1985. She has worked in the Mercy Hospital operating room for many years. She also worked for nine years as an animal medical technician for veterinarians, and held jobs as a lifeguard, waitress, and writing instructor. Most of her books are for children and young adults.

Selected Bibliography

  • Chick-A-Dee-Dee-Dee: A Very Special Bird (1987; ill. Nantz Comyns)
  • Emily Bee and the Kingdom of Flowers (1988; ill. Nantz Comyns)
  • The Legend of Blazing Bear (1992; ill. by Nantz Comyns)
  • Decisions and Other Stories (1995; written and photographed by Deans, selected by Cathie Pelletier), a Maine Chapbook Award winner
  • His Proper Post: A Biography of General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (1996)
  • Brick Walls (1996)
  • Racing the Past (2001)
  • Rainy (2005)
  • Riding Out the Storm (2012)