Day, Holman (1865 - 1935)

Genre: General Fiction, Poetry

Born in Vassalboro and an 1887 graduate of Colby, Holman Day was a poet, a novelist, and a filmmaker, as well as a correspondent for the Lewiston Sun for years.
He produced over 25 books.

Selected Bibliography

  • Up in Maine: Stories of Yankee Life Told in Verse (1900; his first book of poems)
  • The Legend of Frenche's Isle (1900)
  • An Edict in Modern Acadia (1901)
  • Pine Tree Ballads: Rhymed Stories of Unplaned Human Natur' Up in Maine (1902)
  • Kin o' Ktaadn: Verse Stories of the Plain Folk... (1904)
  • Squire Phin: A Novel (1905; first novel)
  • The Saints of Shiloh: The Story of Evangelist Sandford... (1905)
  • The Rainy Day Railroad War (1906)
  • King Spruce: A Novel (1908)
  • Does Prohibition Pay? maine After Fifty-Seven Years of Prohibition (1908)
  • The Eagle Badge: or, The Skokums of the Allagash (1908)
  • Maine Faces Bitter Facts (1909)
  • The Ramrodders: A Novel (1910)
  • The Skipper and the Skipped, Being the Shore Log of Cap'n Aaron (1911)
  • The Red Lane: A Romance of the Border (1912)
  • The Landloper: The Romance of a Man on Foot (1915)
  • Blow the Man Down: A Romance of the Coast (1916)
  • Where Your Treasure is: Being the Personal Narrative of Ross... (1917)
  • The Rider of the King Log: A Romance of the Northeast Border (1919)
  • All-Wool Morrison: Time: Today. Place: The United States... (1920)
  • When Egypt Went Broke: A Novel (1921)
  • Joan of Arc of the North Woods (1922)
  • Leadbetter's Luck (1923; novel of lumbering in Misery Gore)
  • The Loving are the Daring (1923)
  • When the Fight Begins (1925)
  • Clothes Make the Pirate (1925)
  • Along Came Ruth: A Comedy in Three Acts (1930)
  • The Ship of Joy, Hugh Barrett Dobbs, Commander... (1931)
  • The Pants Jemima Made (1946)

Selected Resources

Selected verse - Maine Author Scrapbooks : a Collection of Newspaper Clippings Vol. 2