Eckstorm, Fannie (1865 - 1946)

Genre: Non-Fiction

Eckstorm, both author and ornithologist, was born Fannie Pearson Hardy in Brewer, Maine, and graduated from Smith College in 1888. At Smith, she founded the college Audubon Society. She was for a short time (1889-1891) superintendent of schools in Brewer, the first woman to hold such a position in Maine. She then briefly worked as a reader for Boston's DC Heath publishing company. She married the Rev. Jacob A. Eckstorm of Chicago in 1893, and they moved to Eastport, Maine. In 1898, the Eckstorms moved to a pastorate in Providence, RI, where Fannie was widowed in 1899. Eckstorm and her two children moved back to Brewer following her husband's death.

She contributed articles to Bird-Lore and the Auk, before publishing her first two books in 1901. Eckstorm founded Brewer's public library in 1908 and was active in the suffragette movement and in Republican politics. Her books and articles were often concerned with the Penobscot Valley of Maine. Besides her books below, Eckstorm also wrote a widely note critique on Thoreau's Maine Woods (1908), contributed to Louis C. Hatch's Maine: A History (1919), and wrote articles on Indian legends.

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