Coomer, Joe (1958 - )

Genre: General Fiction, Non-Fiction

A Texas native, raised in Kentucky, novelist Joe Coomer still lives in Texas most of the year but summers in Stonington, ME, and sails along the Maine coast. He has also written nonfiction. Coomer attended the University of Kentucky and graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1981. He taught creative writing in New Mexico.

Selected Bibliography

  • The Decatur Road: A Novel of the Appalachian Country,(1983) winner of the Jones Fiction Prize from the Texas Institute of Letters.
  • Pocketful of Names, (2005)
  • One Vacant Chair, (2003), winner of the S. Mariella Gable Prize
  • Apologizing to Dogs, (1999)
  • Beachcombing For a Shipwrecked God, (1997)
  • Sailing in a Spoonful of Water, (1997)
  • The Loop, (1992, New York Times Book of the Year, 1993