Colcord, Lincoln (1883 - 1947)

Genre: General Fiction

Though technically born on a ship that was rounding Cape Horn on its way to China, Colcord's home was Searsport, Maine. He came from five generations of sea-faring men and it's not surprising that he wrote about the sea. Colcord graduated from Univ. of Maine in 1905 and was a Washington correspondent for the Philadelphia Ledger around the time of the first World War.

Selected Bibliography

  • Vision of War, (1915) a 150-page poem that was Colcord's most famous work
  • The Drifting Diamond,(1912),
  • The Game of Life and Death: Stories of the Sea,(1914), and
  • An Instrument of the Gods, and other stories of the sea,(1922/1972).

Story collection

  • Sea Stories from Searsport to Singapore: Selections of Lincoln Colcord (1987)

Other works

  • Giants in the Earth, a Saga of the Prairies, by O.E. Rolvaag (1927) a translation
  • Sailing Days on the Penobscot... (1932) for 's - Who Rules America: A Century of Invisible Government by John McConaughy (1934), wrote the appendix
  • Roll and Go by Joanna Colcord(1924) wrote the introduction, the author was his sister

Selected Resources

A book on both Joanna and Lincoln Colcord was published in 1999, entitled: - Letters from Sea, 1882-1901: Joanna and Lincoln Colcord's Seafaring Childhood by Parker Bishop Albee. - Maine Authors: a Collection of Clippings from the Portland Sunday Telegram - Maine Author Scrapbooks : a Collection of Newspaper Clippings Vol. 2