Chute, Robert (1926 - )

Genre: Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction - Scholarly, Poetry

Robert Chute was born Feb. 13, 1926 in Bridgton, Maine and makes his home in Poland, Maine.

He attended Bridgton High School and Fryeburg Academy, has a B.A. from the University of Maine (1950), and received his Doctor of Science from Johns Hopkins University in 1953. He has taught biology at Middlebury College, San Fernando Valley State College, and Lincoln University (PA) and is now Bates College Professor Emeritus of Biology, as well as director of the Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area, Phippsburg.

Chute was also a plumbing inspector and code enforcement officer in Mt. Vernon (ME) from 1976-1979.

Chute's scientific works focus on human ecology and culture's impact on lake and coastal ecosystems. He is also a poet whose poetry has frequently been published in the Beloit Poetry Journal. He was the fourth recipient of the journal's Chad Walsh Poetry Prize for his poem Heat Wave in Concord which was published in the Spring 1996 issue and focuses on Henry D. Thoreau's and a friend's cooling river escape from the heat. Chute's poem 'Sweeping the Skys,' won second prize in 1996 for the annual William and Kingman Page Chapbook Award granted by Potato Eyes Foundation, Troy, Maine.

Chute has written using the pseudonym L. W. Pond.

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