Farrar, Susan (1917 - )

Genre: Children's Literature

Susan Farrar was born in Massachusetts and lives now in Bethel, Maine. The self-proclaimed 81-year-old lifelong learner began taking college courses in the 1940s, earning her bachelors degree in theatre from the University of Southern Maine in 1999. She spent years traveling and studying dance before getting her degree. She owns and operates Spring Street Studio, a dance studio in Bethel.

Selected Bibliography

  • Samantha on Stage (1979/1981/1990; illus. Ruth Sanderson), about 11-year-old Samantha, who's always been the best in her ballet class -- but after seeing the new Russian girl dance she begins to wonder who will get the coveted lead in the school's production of the Nutcracker ballet
  • Emily and Her Cavalier (1991), a story of a young woman torn between her passion for ballet and the complications of high-school social life.