Falwell, Cathryn (1952 - )

Genre: Children's Literature, Illustrator

Cathryn Falwell has lived with her family in Gorham, Maine, since 1997. She was born in Kansas City, Kansas, and grew up in several states in the midwest. Before publishing children's books, she earned a BFA in printmaking from the University of Connecticut and worked for 10 years as a graphic designer in Hartford, CT. In addition to making picture books, Falwell presents programs in schools and libraries, and volunteers in youth theatre. Falwell is both an illustrator, proficient with cut paper collage, and a writer. Some of her first books bear the name of her second son, Nicky, while later books entertain as they teach about counting, geometric shapes and letters.

Selected Bibliography

Written and Illustrated

  • Nicky 1-2-3 (1991/1998)
  • Where's Nicky? (1991/1998)
  • Nicky's Walk (1991)
  • Nicky and Grandpa (1991)
  • Nicky and Alex (1991)
  • Clowning Around (1991)
  • Nicky Loves Daddy (1992)
  • Shape Space (1992)
  • We Have A Baby (1993)
  • Feast for 10 (1993)
  • PJ and Puppy (1993/1997)
  • The Letter Jester: A Kids' Guide to Letterforms (1994; chosen as a 'Reading Rainbow' book)
  • Dragon Tooth (1996)
  • Christmas for 10 (1998)
  • Word Wizard (1998)
  • Turtle Splash received a 2001 Lupine Honor Award.
  • Countdown at the Pond (2001/2008)
  • David's Drawings (2001), a subtle story about friendship
  • Butterflies for Kiri (2003)
  • Shape Capers (2007), a first look at shapes in bold colors and rhyme.
  • Scoot! (2008)

Illustrated by Falwell

  • New Moon (1996/2000; written by Pegi Dietz Shea a curriculum guide is available
  • Hands! (1997; written by Virginia Kroll)
  • It's About Time: Poems (1999; written by Florence Parry Heide, Judith Heide Gilliland, and Roxanne Heide Pierce)

Selected Resources

Falwell's website