Fairfield, Roy (1918 - )

Genre: General Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry

Fairfield -- historian, educator, and writer -- is a native Mainer who lives now in Biddeford, where he's an education consultant. He graduated from Saco's Thornton Academy in 1936 (from which he received Distinguished Alumni recognition in 1997) and from Bates College in 1943. He received a doctorate from Harvard and has taught at Bates College, Ohio University, Athens College in Greece (Fulbright Professor), and Antioch University, where he was the first director of the Antioch-Putney Graduate School (in Vermont and Ohio). He is co-founder of the Union Graduate School in Cincinnati, a university without walls, and has served as chair of the American Council of the European Graduate School and as a faculty member of The Humanist Institute. He was also founding president of the Buckeye Trail, a 1,200-mile hiking and biking trail in Ohio, and is trustee emeritus of the Maine Appalachian Trail Club, which he had served as its second president.

Selected Bibliography


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