Banks, Ronald (1934 - 1979)

Genre: Non-Fiction - Scholarly

Ronald Banks (born 24 Jan. 1934) was a University of Maine history professor. He earned both his Masters and Ph.D. at the Orono campus. He is one of several Univ. of Maine faculty whose scholarly work is included in the 100 books of The Mirror of Maine.

Banks died in April, 1979.

Selected Bibliography

  • Maine Becomes a State: The Movement to Separate Maine from Massachusetts, 1785-1820 (1970), is described as a fusion "of popular and academic approaches to the study of history that heralded new understanding of a complex era in Maine."
  • Thesis, The Senatorial Career of William P. Frye (1958)
  • Dissertation, The Separation of Maine from Massachusetts, 1785-1820 (1966)
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  • A History of Maine; a Collection of Readings on the History of Maine, 1600-1970 (1970/1976).

He also was one of the research contributors to The Maine Bicentennial Atlas: An Historical Survey (1976).