Salmansohn, Pete ( - )

Genre: Children's Literature, Non-Fiction

Pete Salmansohn a/k/a "Puffin Pete" received his M.S. in Teaching from the Environmental Studies Department at Antioch/New England and his M.S. in Social Ecology from Goddard College. He has instructed adults at the Audubon Ecology Camp in Maine for nine summers, children for seventeen seasons, and still teaches at the family camp and during special education weeks. Pete is the Education Coordinator for the Seabird Restoration Program and helps "Seabird Sue" Schubel coordinate the school outreach program. Pete gives lectures about the Seabird Restoration Program, and narrates the Audubon seabird tours aboard commercial boats. In 1998 the Maine Environmental Education Association named Pete as the Environmental Educator of the Year.

Selected Bibliography

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