Morison, Samuel (1887 - 1976)

Genre: Non-Fiction

Samuel Eliot Morison was born and raised in Boston, MA and attended Noble's School at Boston, St. Paul's at Concord NH and graduated from Harvard (BA, 1908; PhD, 1912). He taught at Harvard, UC Berkeley, at Oxford, England.

He sailed in a masted ship to Spain and back in order to get the background information for his biography of Christopher Columbus -- Admiral of the Ocean Sea -- and, during WWII, he served in the US Navy in order to tell its history from the inside, by taking part in the operations and writing about them after. He served on several ships and saw action in the South Pacific, released to inactive duty in September of 1946.

He won many awards, including the Legion of Merit, for his exceptional service as historian of the Navy and President Johnson awarded him the Medal of Freedom. He also earned two Pulitzer Prizes and honorary degrees from many distinguished colleges and universities.

He died in Boston in 1976 and his ashes are buried at Northeast Harbor.

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