Leavitt, Robert (1865 - 1942)

Genre: Non-Fiction - Scholarly

Dr. Robert Greenleaf Leavitt was born and raised in Parsonsfield, ME. He attended Worcester Academy and graduated from Harvard University (1889) where he later taught botany and, in 1899, was named an assistant professor. He earned his Ph.D. in biology at Harvard (1904) and worked at the Ames Botanical Laboratory studying, doing research and collecting specimens. He also taught high school and college botany classes in Massachusetts and in New Jersey where he was the head of the biological department at the New Jersey Normal and Model Schools.

He published widely in journals such as The American Naturalist, The Botanical Gazette, Science, and the Boston Society of Natural History magazine.

He retired to his farm in Maine where he continued his research and experimentation and raised over 40 varieties of apples.

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