Ingraham, Joseph (1809 - 1860)

Genre: General Fiction

Joseph Holt Ingraham was born and raised in Portland, ME where his family owned a shipyard. He shipped out on one of their ships before he was 17. Anecdotal information has him graduating from Bowdoin College, but there is no record of that. There is also anecdotal evidence of him attending Yale, but not graduating. He moved to New Orleans, then Mississippi where he became teacher at Jefferson College. He published his first novel while there (1835) and continued to write voraciously (claiming 20 novels in one year). Many of these were probably run as serials and were never collected into volumes.

In 1849, he moved to Nashville, TN to establish a school for young ladies and continued to write, including a set of letters published in the Philadelphia Saturday Courier under the guise of a New England governess residing in the South. They were meant as a defense against Uncle Tom's Cabin and were later collected into a book with the title The Sunny South.

He was ordained an Episcopal priest in 1852 and served in several churches throughout the South, continuing to write novels described as "dime novels of the Bible." He died of an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 51.

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