Incze, Lewis (1915? - )

Genre: Non-Fiction

Lewis Lajos Incze was born and raised in Parajd, Romania (Transylvania) where he trained to be an X-ray technician, served in the Hungarian Army as a translator during WWII, then worked as an interpreter in Rome. In 1949, he emigrated to the United States, settled in Lewiston, ME and eventually retired as the director of education at St. Mary's Hospital's School of Radiological Technology.

He has written throughout most of his life. He has published over 36 titles and in 1984, his book Footprints on Destiny Lane won the gold award at the 1984 Hungarian National Congress for best new historical work. He also wrote stories about travels for the Lewiston Sun Journal, Lewiston Daily Sun and the Lewiston Evening Journal for nearly 30 years.

Selected Bibliography

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