Hyde, William (1885 - 1917)

Genre: Non-Fiction - Scholarly

William De Witt Hyde was born in Winchendon, MA, earned his bachelor's degree from Harvard (1879), studied at Union Theological Seminary (1879-1880) and Andover Theological Seminary (1882). He served as a minister in Patterson, NJ (1883-1885), then accepted the position of (7th) Bowdoin College President (1885-1917) and professor of mental and moral philosophy.

He was a prolific writer and his books served bring nation-wide attention to Bowdoin and bolstered his reputation as an educator. He was also a trustee of Philips Academy in Exeter, NH and received honorary degrees from Bowdoin (1886, 1917), Harvard (1886), Syracuse University (1897) and Dartmouth (1909).

Selected Bibliography

  • Practical Ethics (1892)
  • God's Education of Man (1899)
  • Jesus Way: An Appreciation of the Teaching in the Synoptic Gospels (1902)
  • The College Man and the College Woman (1906)
  • From Epicurus to Christ: A Study in the Principles of Personality (1906)
  • Abba Father, or, the Religion of Everyday Life (1908)
  • The Teacher's Philosophy in and out of School (1910)
  • The Gospel of Good Will as Revealed in Contemporary Scriptures (1916)
  • The Best Man I Know: Developed Out of the Will for the Good of All (1917)
  • The Five Great Philosophies of Life (1927)

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