Healy, Jeremiah (1948 - 2014)

Genre: Mystery

Mystery writer Jeremiah Healy lives in Maine in Summer, Florida in Winter, and Boston the rest of the time. He is a graduate of Rutgers College and Harvard Law School and taught as a professor at the New England School of Law for eighteen years, after which he turned to writing full time. He has written eighteen novels and over sixty short stories and has been nominated numerous times for the Shamus Award.

Selected Bibliography

John Francis Cuddy Novels

  • The Staked Goat (1987)
  • Act of God (1994)
  • Foursome: A John Cuddy Novel (1994)
  • Rescue (1995)
  • Invasion of Privacy (1997)
  • Spiral: A John Francis Cuddy Mystery (1999)
  • The Only Good Lawyer: A John Francis Cuddy Mystery (1999)