Hay, John (1915 - 2011)

Genre: Non-Fiction

John Hay was born in Ipswich, MA, raised in New York City and lived in Brewster, MA and Bremen, ME. He graduated from Harvard College in 1938. He worked as the Washington correspondent for the Charleston (SC) News and Courier, joined the Army in 1940 where he served as an editor for Yank Magazine, and was both co-founder and president of the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. He was an ardent naturalist and wrote many books about the natural world. He died in Bremen in 2011.

Selected Bibliography

  • The Great Beach (1963) winner of the John Burroughs Medal
  • The Atlantic Shore; Human and natural History from Long Island to Labrador (1966)
  • In Defense of Nature (1969)
  • The Immortal Wilderness (1987)
  • A Beginner's Faith in Things Unseen (1995)
  • In the Company of Light (1998)
  • Mind the Gap: The Education of a Nature Writer (2004)