Vinal, Harold (1891 - 1965)

Genre: Non-Fiction, Poetry

Harold Vinal, a poet and editor was born on Vinalhaven in 1891. He died on Vinalhaven in 1965. He made significant contributions to American poetry of the mid 20th century. His influence is best reflected in the magazine Voices: A Magazine of Verse which he edited and published. He also served as president of the Poetry Society of America.

Selected Bibliography


  • The Compass Eye (1944)
  • Hymn to Chaos (1931)
  • Nor youth nor age (1925)
  • A stranger in heaven (1927)
  • White April


  • Attic for the Nightingale: a Sheaf of Informal Essays (1934)
    • Hurricane: a Maine Coast Chronicle (1936)

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