Lamprey, Lunnette (AKA) Louise (1869 - 1951)

Genre: Children's Literature

Lunnette E. Lamprey (AKA Louise Lamprey) was born in Alexandria NH, was educated at home and at Concord High School and received her bachelor's degree from Mount Holyoke College (1891). She worked as an editorial writer for The Capital, a weekly Washington, D.C. newspaper and for the daily Washington Times, did magazine, newspaper and secretarial work in New York and was a writer in the Republican National Campaign of 1904. She worked summers at a Vermont children's camp as a story-teller and craft teacher and in London doing office work and writing for a year before beginning her career as an author of books for children. She lived in Limerick, ME.

Selected Bibliography

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  • The Tomahawk Trial (1934)
  • The Limerick Pageant (1936)
  • The Story of Weaving (1939)

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