Dodge, Marshall (1935 - 1982)

Genre: General Fiction

Humorist, philosopher, author, and adopted Mainer Marshall J. Dodge III was born and raised in New York City and lived in Bristol, ME. He was the "I" in the iconic "Bert and I" Maine humor team (Robert Bryan being the "Bert"). He attended St. Paul's School and received his M.A. in philosophy from Yale. In 1958 he and Bryan (a fellow Eli) released their first "Bert and I" record. The rest is history. Dodge is credited with initiating the Maine Festival, first held at Bowdoin College, a celebration of Maine culture. He was killed at the age of 46 by a hit-and-run driver in Waimea, HI while on an around-the-world tour.

Selected Bibliography


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  • Bert And I For Kids Of All Ages : Tales From Down East with Robert Bryan (2001)

Sound Recording

  • The Best Of Bert And I-- Celebrating 50 Years Of Stories From Down East (2008)
  • Bert And I-- On Stage Marshall Dodge Live (2008)


  • A Downeast Smile-In With Marshall Dodge (1997)