Dexter, Elisabeth (1887 - 1972)

Genre: Non-Fiction - Scholarly

Scholar, educator, WWII relief-worker Elisabeth Williams Anthony Dexter was born in Bangor, ME. She received her degree in Philosophy from Bates College in 1908, her Master's in Sociology from Columbia University, and here doctorate in history from Clark University in 1927. She then became a member of the faculty of Skidmore College and a part-time tutor at Radcliffe. In 1941, she and her husband moved to Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon was neutral during WWII and thus a haven for refugees. She worked with refugee assistance and by 1944 was European Directory of the Unitarian Service Committee and oversaw a relief program to assist Jewish refugees stranded in Portugal awaiting emigration. In 1942, she began working for the OSS to help pass information and recruit refugees to help with various missions.

Selected Bibliography

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