Carter, William ( - )

Genre: Non-Fiction

Journalist and author W. Hodding Carter (IV) was raised in Greenville, MI and lives in Rockport ME. He is the son of President Carter's State Department spokesman, and the grandson of a Pulitzer Prize-winning Mississippi newspaper editor. He attended Kenyon College where he was an all-American swimmer and is a swimming coach here in Maine. He has written pieces for Esquire, M Magazine, Outside, and has had a regular column in Gourmet Magazine Online.

Selected Bibliography

  • A Viking Voyage: In Which An Unlikely Crew Of Adventurers Attempts An Epic Journey To The New World (2000)
  • An Illustrated Viking Voyage: Retracing Leif Eriksson's Journey In An Authentic Viking Knarr (2000)
  • Stolen Water : Saving The Everglades From Its Friends, Foes, And Florida (2004)
  • Flushed : How The Plumber Saved Civilization (2006)
  • Off the Deep End : the Probably Insane Idea that I Could Swim My Way Through a Midlife Crisis-and Qualify for the Olympics (2008)