Pierson, Duane (1937 - )

Genre: Poetry

Duane Robert Pierson was born and raised in Newton, NJ where his early schooling was in a one-room schoolhouse. He has been awarded a Bachelor of Arts in biology and history from the University of Alabama, and a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy from Cornell University. He has taught elementary school, high school, has been a college professor, and has taught English, creative writing, poetry, history, science, and ethics. He has served as a corporate chief executive officer, has been a management and leadership consultant and a public speaker. He has also founded several organizations within the environmental/conservation field, as well as having been an infantry officer, athlete, art gallery owner, stonemason, farmer, and photographer. Over the years he has written and published extensively including several volumes of poetry. He has lived in Maine since 1989, in Portland since 1995.

Selected Bibliography

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