Bourne, Russell ( - )

Genre: Non-Fiction - Scholarly

Russell Bourne is a writer and publishing consultant who has worked for American Heritage, Hearst Books, Smithsonian Books, and the National Geographic Book Service. He writes in the field of American history and divides his time between Ithaca, New York, and Castine, Maine.


  • The View from Front Street: Travels Through New England's Historic Fishing Communities (1989)
  • The Red King's Rebellion : Racial Politics In New England, 1675-1678 (1990)
  • Floating West : The Erie And Other American Canals (1992)
  • Rivers Of America : Birthplaces Of Culture, Commerce, And Community (1998)
  • Gods Of War, Gods Of Peace : How The Meeting Of Native And Colonial Religions Shaped Early America (2002)