Scott, Kathy (1954 - )

Genre: Non-Fiction

Author Kathy Scott was born and raised in Michigan and now divides her time between there and Maine. She is a great lover of nature and her books reflect that. From the Alder Creek Publishing website: Growing up on a family farm in Northern Michigan, Kathy Scott, early in life, gained an appreciation for all things natural. She carried this love of nature with her when she transplanted to Maine. There, at the edge of the Great North Woods, she and husband David Van Burgel have chosen to live close to nature, sharing their chain of ponds with moose, mink and beaver. Kat's passion to understand the natural world intertwines with David's dedication to handcrafting fine split bamboo fly rods; theirs is a lifelong immersion in the out-of-doors and the deep meaning of friendship. When not in Maine or Michigan, they are most likely to be found with their dog Kodiak poking about wild places.


  • Moose In The Water, Bamboo On The Bench: A Journal And A Journey (2000)
  • Headwaters Fall As Snow (2003)
  • Changing Planes (2008)
  • Brook Trout Forest (2011)