Bushell, Agnes (1949 - )

Genre: General Fiction, Mystery

Author, educator and political activist Agnes Bushell lives in Portland, ME. She was born in Queens, NY and educated at the University of Chicago and the University of Southern Maine and holds degrees in Philosophy and Literacy Education. She has been on the faculty of the Maine College of Art since 1985. She has written several novels and has contributed articles to journals such as Down East.

Selected Bibliography

  • Shadowdance (1989)
  • Local Deities: A Novel (1990)
  • Death by Crystal: A Johannah Wilder Mystery (1993)
  • Days of the Dead (1995)
  • The Enumerator (1997)
  • In the Garden of Nicholas Treeson (2003)
  • Mothers and Sons (2004)
  • After Mistra (2004)
  • Asian Vespers (2005)