Bartlett, Stanley (1902 - 1937)

Genre: General Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories

Stanley Foss Bartlett was born in Leeds, Maine. The family later moved to Locke’s Mills, Maine, and he graduated from Woodstock High School in Bryant Pond. Bartlett attended the University of Idaho Forestry School, and studied briefly at the Portland Art Museum and Pratt Institute in New York. In 1926 he was hired to work on The Northern, the magazine published by Great Northern Paper Company. In addition to doing art and editorial work, he also traveled to various Great Northern logging camps as a sort of social worker to the loggers there. Stories heard in the camps were incorporated into his second book, a collection of short stories called Beyond the Sowdyhunk, published in 1937.


  • Lost Hours (1924)
  • Beyond the Sowdyhunk (1937)
  • Silent Songs (1940)

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