Smith, Anne ( - )

Genre: Non-Fiction

Anne Day Smith began her writing career in high school, and has been specializing in miniatures since the late 1970’s when she began writing and taking photographs for several magazines devoted to the hobby, as well as other magazines and newspapers. She has traveled extensively around the country, covering miniature shows, interviewing artisans, and visiting miniature collections.

She is the author of four books about miniatures and has contributed to several others.

She is a member of the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts’ Academy of Honor, and has served as its Chairman. She is also a member of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans, and has served on its Board of Trustees.

Anne is also an ardent collector of miniatures and still has her childhood dollhouse. She and her husband Gerry, a retired retail executive, have three grown sons and seven grandchildren. They live in a restored 18th century house in Dresden, Maine, with their two West Highland White Terriers.


  • Interior Design in Miniature (1986)
  • Masters in Miniature (1987)
  • The Andrews Collection: Personal Treasures (1988)
  • The Period Rooms of Ruth McChesney (1997)
  • Treasures in Miniature (1993) (contributor)
  • Golden Christmas: Building a Miniature Masterpiece by Brooke Tucker (1996) (contributor)