Bartlett, Arthur (1901 - 1964)

Genre: Children's Literature

Arthur Charles Bartlett was born in Norway, ME in 1901 and graduated from Bowdoin College in 1922. He worked as a newspaperman for the Portland Press Herald, the Edmonton Alberta Bulletin, The Sioux City Tribune and the Boston Herald and also as a contributor to American Magazine where he was also and associate editor and staff writer. He was best known, however, for his books about dogs written for boys mostly during the 1920's and '30's.


  • Spunk, Leader Of The Dog Team: Being The Story Of A Dog Who Won His Place At The Head Of The Dog Team (1926)
  • The Sea Dog (1927)
  • Skipper the Guide Dog (1928)
  • Game Legs: the Biography of a Horse with a Heart (1928)
  • The Runaway Dog Team (1929)
  • Gumpy--Son Of Spunk: The Story Of A Little Sled Dog With A Big Heart (1930)
  • General Jim: the Story of a Horse (1931)
  • Pal: the Story of a Dog Who Lived up to His Name (1932)
  • A Son of the Wild Pack (1934)
  • Yankee Doodle: the Story of a Pioneer Boy and His Dog (1935)
  • Pilgrim and Pluck: Dogs of the Mayflower (1936)
  • Hustler: the Farm Dog (1937)
  • 4H Cowboy (1938)
  • Find Your Own Frontier (1940)
  • Sergeant Squiffy: Army Dog (1941)
  • Baseball And Mr. Spalding: The History And Romance Of Baseball (1951)

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