Thorne, John (1943? - )

Genre: Non-Fiction

John Thorne was born in Quincy, MA and spent childhood summers on Long Island in Casco Bay, then lived in Maine for several years in Castine and Steuben. He lives in Northampton, MA.

A graduate of Amherst College, Thorne is a food writer. He began publishing pamphlets on food in 1976, hand copied and bound, which later turned into a newsletter called Simple Cooking that Thorne continued to publish for over 25 years. Those newsletters eventually became several books, some co-written with his wife, Matt Lewis Thorne.

Selected Bibliography

  • Simple Cooking (1987)
  • Outlaw Cook (with Matt Lewis Thorne)(1992)
  • Serious Pig : An American Cook in Search of His Roots (with Matt Lewis Thorne) (1996)
  • Home Body (1997) (concerns domestic, not culinary topics)
  • Pot on the Fire : Further Confessions of a Renegade Cook (with Matt Lewis Thorne) (2000)
  • Mouth Wide Open (with Matt Lewis Thorne) (2007)

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