Sharkey, Lee ( - )

Genre: Poetry

Poet, publisher and editor Lee Sharkey lives in the woods just outside Farmington, ME. She has written several books of poetry, some printed on her own, 100-year-old Pearl platen press. Currently, she is co-editor of the online Beloit Poetry Journal.

Selected Bibliography

  • 8 Line Poems: a Sequence (1975)
  • Pig and Other Portions: Poems (c1976)
  • Farmwife [Poems] (c1977)
  • Daughters Without Mothers : Testimony, Song (1981)
  • Box of Roses (1981)
  • Parataxis (1986)
  • First Moments (1987)
  • To a Vanished World (c1996)
  • A Darker, Sweeter String (c2007)

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