Manns, Robert (1928? - )

Genre: Drama/Theatre/Film

Playwright Robert E. Manns was born in Detroit MI and lives in Camden, ME.

Author of over fifteen full-length and more than thirty one-act plays, Manns studied philosophy and creative writing at Wayne State University. He began his theater career at the World State in Detroit working the light and sound. He then moved to New York City and had two of his one-act plays staged at the White Barn Theater in Westport CT with John Astin as director. Thus began his career as a succesful playwright.

He moved to Florida in 1960 and then to Atlanta GA where he was Director of Callenwolde Art Center (1972-1975) and administrator and teacher at the Atlanta College of Art (1975-1980). He also taught poetry at Emory University.

He is best known for his "The Lincoln Plays, Part I and II" (1994).

Selected Bibliography

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