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2017 Report on the Status of Women and Girls in Maine

2015 Report on the Status of Women and Girls in Maine

The nonpartisan Commission was established in Maine statute in 2010 and charged with advising the state?s policy makers on issues that are relevant to the state?s female population. Our members hail from many different backgrounds and represent a variety of perspectives.

This report, our second, reflects our collaborative effort to analyze available data surrounding five policy dimensions (education; economic security; health; safety & wellbeing; and leadership & public life), as well as an analysis of direct input from Maine women and girls. Together, this information has formed the basis for our policy recommendations, which you will find at the beginning of our report.

The Commission looks forward to serving as a resource for Maine lawmakers, communities, businesses and residents in the important work we all do to move Maine forward. We strive to improve the wellbeing of Maine women and girls?and by extension, all Mainers.

We look forward to future editions of this report and welcome comments and questions
as we seek to improve and expand upon this work.

1st Annual 2012 Report Status of Women and Girls in Maine

The Permanent Commission on the Status of Women is pleased to present this initial report on the status of women and girls in Maine. We hope the report initiates a conversation among policy makers and the general public about the opportunities and challenges that exist for women and girls in Maine.

See our 2012 survey results: Voices of Women and Girls Survey Results

Please Note: The full-time employment rate on page 3 is incorrect. It should be 60.5%